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At Everbalance every yoga class is based on Yin/Yang principle. We begin our class with Yang poses intended to challenge your physical limits, then we continue with Yin poses – deep stretching, low to the ground using the power of gravity, releasing the tension, followed by rewarding relaxation (Savasana) with aroma therapy.

MindBody Yoga with Aroma Therapy

New to yoga? Want to give it a try without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated? This gentle class is perfect for the beginner yogi, or anyone who wants to get back to basics. If you are recovering from an injury or illness, or haven’t practiced yoga in some time, this is a great class for you. In our Beginner Restorative classes, you can expect a slower-paced Hatha Yoga class. It’s structured to help you to start out and ease into your yoga practice. It’s gentle yet challenging at the same time. We practice breathing, balancing and improve core strength and flexibility, focusing on proper alignment and positioning, with deeper attention to the foundation of your yoga practice. We break down every posture for your deeper understanding and mind-body connection. This class is also appropriate for advanced practitioner looking to get back to basics and utilize a slower-paced class to focus on the fundamentals of their own practice. All levels are welcome.

Lunch Time Yoga

This class is a wonderful combination of relaxation and strengthening with Yoga Postures. We take pose after pose to work on core strength, flexibility, balance and meditation. If you’ve been looking to take your mind off the rigors of your day – this is the class for you! Your instructor will take you through a Mind Body sequence of yoga postures, gently guiding you while offering relaxation techniques as well as some challenges to promote growth. At the end we offer Aromatherapy with essential oils to help your meditation. Try this class and your will have an unforgettable experience. It’s a perfect way to break your day. All levels are welcome.

Power Vinyasa Yoga with Aroma Therapy

This is a dynamic and powerful class. You will get an amazing workout for the entire body, strengthen core, upper body and legs, work on your balance and flexibility flowing through a very creative sequence of Yoga poses! Time just flies in this class!!! At the end we get an amazing reward – SAVASANA with essential oils. All levels are welcome.

Slow Flow Power Yoga with Aroma Therapy

This class is based on Power Vinyasa. Vinyasa is a breath-synchronized flowing style of yoga with its basics from Ashtanga. The postures are sequenced to flow and every instructor brings their own vision and distinct style into each practice. The beautiful thing about the flow is that each move is synchronized to breath (inhale or exhale) and it creates free-flowing feeling, making mind-body connection even stronger. This class is always fun because the sequence is not set in stone, it’s slightly different every time. It’s appropriate for any ability level from beginner to advanced practitioner. The benefits are endless, so come in and experience the Power. All levels are welcome.

Yoga Core Fusion

Looking to strengthen your core? This dynamic class is for you. It consists of a mixture of Power Yoga and Mat Pilates based exercises. This class is focused on engaging your deep core muscles using the challenge of yoga postures and Pilates Principals. Often we use props as well as the gravity. It’s fun, exciting and new. A great workout and a fabulous way to start your day.


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