Thinking about trying the studio but not sure where to start?

Book a private consultation. You will work one-on-one with one of our exceptional instructors.

They will guide you step-by-step through each posture so you can truly understand the benefits of Reformer Pilates, yoga and barre.

A perfect option for beginners, those returning to fitness or new clients that just want to be confident in their movements.

Doing so has huge advantages for you and the instructor, helping us to get to know you and find out your goals, issues and concerns and communicate the information to the rest of the team.

A pair of socks with grips on the bottom are required on the Reformer equipment. Don’t own a pair? We have them for sale.

During the Consultation we will:

  • break down the equipment for you, so when you join the group class you will be completely independent and confident;
  • learn about your goals and help you determine the best plan to reach them
  • discover everything about your body that’s related to our classes and communicate it to the rest of the team

Only $29.00, for a limited time.

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