What is the Flower Balance? 🌸

Hi, I am Tetyana, owner and founder of Everbalance. When I was 29 years old I started noticing that every time I sneeze I leak a little urine… Of course, I brushed it off as no-big-deal. One time I got a terrible cold and a nasty cough after. If you have incontinence – YOU KNOW WHAT I WENT THROUGH! The leaking was insane each and every time I coughed. I was terrified and confused since I haven’t had children yet.

Being a believer in healing through movement, I deep dove into the research on Pelvic Floor health and that’s how I discovered THE WORLD OF THE PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION and how actually somewhat dysfunctional that world is (not to be negative, just stating the facts).

Since that time I was able to completely recover and heal my incontinence. With that my passion for women’s health and fitness grew stronger with a whole new twist to it. While going through it all, I experienced everything you are experiencing now: embarrassment, shame, guilt, confusion, frustration, my doctor looking at me like I am crazy, pain, discomfort, wearing pads, always thinking about bathroom location, dreading long trips, limiting my water intake (bad idea btw), avoiding intimacy, social stigma and taboo around the topic and much much more!

Realizing this I decided to bring in everything that I’ve learned on my journey to my practice at Everbalance and that’s how The Flower Balance was born 🌸

🌸 What I am working with

Universe works in mysterious ways. In the process of learning and healing I got connected to many clients who were dealing with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction too. As a result I decided to start offering private sessions that would focus on Pelvic Health and I was able to help my clients achieve amazing results. Very quickly I realized that, like any imbalance in the body, PFD must be healed with bio/psycho/social approach. What exactly does that mean? It means that we must give our attention not only to our body (muscles, nerves, joints, fascia, breathing patterns, posture, alignment, flexibility, strength etc.), but also our mind and emotions. Thoughts and emotions translate into our stress response and often are a part of the root cause of most imbalances in the body. Not addressing our mental and emotional state would be like treating the symptoms without going to the root cause resulting in the chance of them resurfacing again. This is where introspection work, meditation, various relaxation techniques I specialize in came in handy and I was able to incorporate them into the program to address the daily stress women have to go through when dealing with Pelvic Dysfunction of any kind. Last year I started working with women in small groups in my 6 weeks intensive course and I LOVED it. So did my clients. There is something about going on a healing journey as a family while still being able to maintain our privacy.

🌸 Why are we a perfect fit

About You:

  • If you have just noticed you leak urine when you jump, sneeze, cough, run etc., and you know better and want to be proactive staying ahead of incontinence.
  • If you have significant incontinence issues and want to try using movement, breath, postural re-education, strengthening, relaxation and other natural healing modalities to heal from it completely before you go under the knife.
  • If you have pain with sex and not really sure why or what to do about it.
  • If you think you may have a prolapse, or you know for sure you have it and are willing to work on strengthening your body with or without surgery.
  • If you are postpartum and are looking to revive your Pelvic Floor and Core.
  • If you’ve had your babies years ago and have not been able to recover your strength and tone since.
  • If you have dealt with Pelvic Pain for unknown reasons, endometriosis, vaginismus, or other diagnosis and just want to love your body back to health.
  • If you have had a hysterectomy and want to be proactive, staying ahead of prolapse and incontinence.
  • If you’ve had an abdominal or a gynecological surgery and now working with the aftermath of scar tissue and pain.
  • If you’d like for someone to be constantly there for you, motivating you, and supporting you through it.

About Me:

  • I have been through quite a bit and I know exactly how you feel.
  • I was able to heal from PFD and I can show you the way.
  • I have worked with many clients helping them to achieve the same (read testimonials below).
  • I have been teaching bodywork like Pilates, Yoga, and Meditation for 10 years now – Certified Yoga, Barre, & Pilates instructor.
  • I am a certified Low Pressure Fitness instructor.
  • I am a certified Core Confidence Coach.
  • I am certified PfilAtes (Pelvic Floor Pilates) Instructor.
  • And most importantly I know what it takes to heal as well as taking someone else through the healing journey.

🌸 The Program

The Flower Balance Program was created overtime while working with multiple clients catering to their needs. Like I mentioned earlier I use the bio/psycho/social approach so it includes a lot of work with your body “bio” where we work together on:

  • identifying exactly why & where you are having issues to our best ability with my expertise and the help of my fellow Pelvic Floor PT whom I love to work alongside with
  • building your strength where you are weak
  • releasing tension where you are tight
  • postural re-education, because posture and pelvic alignment have a HUGE effect on our pelvic floor
  • re-learnig how to breathe using that ever-healing for pelvic floor lateral-costal breath, reconnecting the core synchronicity in the body
  • we work a lot with your feet and jaw as they both connect with your pelvic floor through your nervous system

Also we dive deep into “psycho/social” aspect:

  • work with the subconscious
  • our innate wisdom and ability to heal
  • our self-worth dealing with guilt and shame that comes with having PFD
  • our self-expression, because it’s important to be able to express and communicate about our pain; while PFD is a private subject, most of us have a hard time sharing about it, because this topic is such a taboo
  • relaxation and stress relief
  • we gain a community of like-minded women who are able to support one another

I feel like the most important takeaway from this program is Integration – your new habits of daily practice to be able to get results:

  • a huge part of this journey is my accountability program
  • you will be motivated and held accountable to dedicate time to yourself 1-2 times per day DAILY and 3-4 times WEEKLY
  • this will be the key to your success and my supervision is what has been helping everyone to develop those amazing daily habits

🌸 Your Options

Personal Training – 4 months Program

You can work with me individually in-person and/or virtually. My retainer to work privately is $2500. It would cover 2 months of private sessions and 2 months of group classes, plus a Life-time access to the online platform with video content like tutorials, exercise sequences, full class recordings, yoga, mediation and much more for you to always fall back on when needed. This option would be perfect for you if you feel like you need personalized attention and hands-on training. During our time together I will be teaching everything you need to know about your Pelvic Health mind, body, and spirit.

Small Group Training – 4 Months Program

I have had an amazing success working with women in small groups in my 4-month Intensive Pelvic Floor Program, where we work closely together on achieving our goals as a group. It’s all done live virtually in the comfort of your own home. Don’t let that hold you back, many of my client were reluctant, but ended up LOVING that format after all and we were able to reach amazing results together. Something about a group effort and being part of the community of like-minded women that makes this healing journey even more rewarding and enjoyable. PLUS you get to save. The cost is $289 per month (total 4 months), includes:

  • 6 weeks of 2xWeek intensive LIVE group training sessions
  • 1 private session (virtual or in-person)
  • 10 weeks of 1xWeek LIVE group training sessions
  • a life-time access to the online course with all content like tutorials, exercise sequences, full class recordings, yoga, mediation and much more.