Our current Welcome Specials

Thinking about trying the studio

but not sure where to start?

$69 Welcome special

Book our Welcome Special for $69.00 if you don’t have any reformer experience. It includes:

  • 1 Private Session (30 mins)
  • 2 Reformer Group Sessions
  • Complete it within 30 days

Our clients who have never done reformer pilates before really appreciate being able to have the one-on-one before joining the group. We will reserve the entire studio just for you, you will have instructor’s undivided attention. This will give us a chance to really get to know your body, your needs and teach you how to use the equipment, so when you get to the group class you will feel 100% confident and comfortable with using it and following along with the group. Right after your initial session you will discuss what level of class that will work best for you to start. Your other 2 sessions will be booked that day. With our custom app you can book/cancel/change all your appointments with us at your convenience. To book the time for private session we highly recommend calling us as we usually have more times available than listed online.

$49 Welcome special

For our clients that already have experience on the reformer we offer the $49.00 Welcome Special. It includes:

  • 3 Group Reformer Sessions
  • Complete in 30 days

It’s perfect for those practitioners that are coming from other studios or moving to our area, or even those who have done reformer years ago. It can also be appropriate for clients who have a lot mat pilates experience and would like to skip the private session, because they feel confident. We love offering 3 sessions in out Welcome Special because it really gives the client a great chance to try the studio, to experience different instructors and class types, and to see how the commute is. That way a client is able to make a sound and sure decision about becoming a member without any hesitations.

“I am new to Pilates and have found the instructors to be very sweet, supportive and super helpful. The studio is beautiful. I feel such a positive energy from the people and environment. If any student is unsure of what to do they will kindly come and help them. They play very pleasant music during the class that keeps everyone focused. The best part is, they provide classes for all skill levels and capabilities. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Love it. “

Varuna S.

“My experience at Everbalance has been phenomenal! I joined in February, and I am so glad that I did. I am a barre, pilates, and yoga newbie – the instructors here have all been amazing at helping me get started! Each of them is different, so the routines never get stale. I always look forward to my 6am barre class with Brittany! The owner Tetyana is so welcoming and encouraging – loved her “girls night out” event! Can’t wait to try more classes!”

Shelby B.