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Owner & Founder, Entrepreneur, Master Trainer

Tetyana was born and raised in Ukraine and moved to the United States in summer of 2007, at the age of 20.

Growing up, she went to ballet and modern dance school and later started ballroom dancing, competing professionally in American Rhythm until recently.

During her student years in Kiev International University, Ukraine, she taught dance and Pilates. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations she decided to move to the United States. Her journey in the US began in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where she solely practiced yoga while working in the corporate world.

In 2010, she moved to Las Vegas, NV for a new opportunity in her corporate job, living in a bigger city offered more chances to attend different yoga classes at several studios. She used yoga to help deal with her stressful work environment. The world of Mind-Body practice and her love of yoga instantly inspired her to drastically alter her career and become a yoga teacher. Tetyana attended yoga teacher training at one of the biggest studios on the West Coast, Vegas Hot and received her 200 hour RYT, 100 hour Power Vinyasa and Kettlebells certifications. She completed her Pilates Mat I & II training shortly thereafter.

“My yoga practice changed my life completely and made me the person I am right now. Every class I teach is like a ride for me, where I try to create an experience and help my students to understand the true meaning of mind-body connection.”

When Tetyana moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2011, she was fortunate to start teaching yoga at one of the boutique Pilates studio in Jacksonville Beach. Here she was introduced to Reformer Pilates and instantly fell in love with the apparatus, amazed with the incredible results of the Pilates Method that Reformer has to offer. She completed her Reformer 1 & 2 training with Pilates first generation master trainers in Tampa, FL through Balanced Body Institute and started teaching Reformer group classes and private sessions. Later she was certified in Reformer 3 and Pilates Chair. At the same time Tetyana started teaching Barre – the world’s newest fitness trend and became obsessed with its results.

At the age of 26, Tetyana established Everbalance – her pride and joy and greatest passion in life. In the process of opening the studio she was certified as a Barre Master Trainer through American Council of Exercise (ACE). She created her own barre program – Everbalance Barre – and is currently teaching courses and training new barre instructors at Everbalance in Jacksonville, FL.

“Everbalance is my dream, heart, and soul. I live it and breath it every day of my life. It’s been an amazing journey to get here and I am honored and humbled. It’s my privilege to welcome everyone who comes through the door and share my passion to Pilates, Yoga, and Barre.”



Lead Instructor, Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Coffee and Chocolate Lover

Sheri is an Air Force brat, who grew up in England, has lived in Oklahoma, Staten Island NY, Spain, Italy as well as Arizona and has finally landed in Florida. Sheri started playing softball in grade school and began swimming competitively in High School. Sheri was introduced to her first yoga class in 2003.

“I understand the rigors that we place upon our bodies and the mind set to always push for more even when the body is clearly telling us to slow down. I remember distinctly lying on my back in Shavasana without experiencing any pain. It had been many years since I have been able to lie completely flat on my back without pain”. As she began to practice more regularly she began to recognize that the benefits of practice were more than physical, the mental shift allowed her to be more present in her everyday life and to feel much more relaxed. Sheri took a leap of faith in 2008; quit her corporate job, signed up for yoga teacher training and began a new journey.

Since the completion of her teacher training in 2009 she feels blessed every day to be able to share yoga with others and honor their personal journey while continuing her own. After joining Everbalance team, she experienced Pilates for the first time and was hooked. She proceeded to obtain her Mat 1, Reformer 1 and Reformer 2 Pilates certifications in 2016 and absolutely loves teaching group and private sessions on the Reformer.

“I find it amazing that I am so much stronger and flexible at this age now then I was when I was 20. We are all much stronger than we give ourselves credit for, don’t limit You can’t fail at yoga”.



Barre Instructor, Finding Joy Through Fitness

Allison was born in Chicago, IL and was transplanted to Florida at an early age. She completed her college education at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Fl, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. Upon graduating, she landed a job as an Operations Supervisor at UPS and within a few years climbed to an Operations Manager role at a large Logistics company. It was during this fast-paced and challenging role that she realized she needed a way to manage her stress. She turned to exercise to help overcome the demands of her career and it soon became her favorite activity. She trained in HIIT for years and then discovered the Barre. She immediately fell in love with Barre and embraced the discipline, precision, and total body effects not to mention the mindfulness that provided her with a place to decompress. She took great pride in developing her technique and was encouraged by a fitness instructor to obtain her certification. In February 2019, Allison became certified in SoulBody, professionally trained to teach 3 programs: SoulBody Barre, Unhitched, and Power. “My goal as a fitness instructor is to empower others to celebrate the good in themselves, build self-esteem, and develop unshakable character. The beneficial effects of fitness ripple through all areas of life. I wish I had found this passion at an earlier age as it would have helped me overcome my anxiety and depression in college and my early working years. Now my aim is to help others find joy through fitness and start living their best lives.”



Barre Instructor, Golden Doodle Mom

Brittany was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida. Growing up, she took dance, among other sports like softball, golf, and even tennis. She was drawn back to dance at age 11. Dabbling in hip hop, Jazz, and even modern, she soon became part of a drill-dance team for four years, doing half time shows in the fall and competitive dance in the spring, and even danced in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City!

Soon after, she attended Santa Fe College pursuing an exercise science degree. After receiving her A.A. degree, she then transferred to University of Florida to pursue her bachelors in Health Education and Promotion. She has always been a huge advocate of health and wellness and is fascinated with the body’s anatomy and physiological response to exercise.

She moved to Jacksonville in 2010, following her boyfriend, now husband to his hometown. She worked as a weight loss consultant in Mandarin, and even a park ranger at Fort Caroline National Memorial. She then decided to go back to school and pursue her Masters in Exercise Science which helped her land her career with Baptist Health as a health coordinator. In 2012, prepping for a wedding, her friend introduced her to barre, the all new craze, and she fell in love with the workout and results.

Her hobbies include: running races on Saturday, taking barre classes as much as possible, walking her two doodles, and relaxing on the porch with my husband.

Working at Everbalance with such a dynamic group of young ladies is so rewarding and fun. Tetyana creates an amazing atmosphere for clients and instructors at the studio. Brittany loves barre in its entirety. The workout is hard on the muscles and kind on your joints and the results are amazing. She is also interested in getting her Reformer certification don as well and start exploring Pilates!

“Energy flows where attention goes.” Favorite quote because it is so true. What you put into your health commitment is what you get out of it.



Barre and Pilates instructor, Sweetheart, Mom of 4

Jennifer was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She was a gymnast and cheerleader before heading to the University of Pittsburgh. The winters of the North slowly grew old so she ventured down South to Daytona Beach, FL where she met her husband and moved to Jacksonville, Fl. She and her husband own Bicycles Etc locally owned bicycle stores in town. Health and Fitness has always been a top priority in Jennifer’s life.

After having 4 children within 5 years, instead of heading into hard core training to get her pre-baby body back, she chose Pilates, Yoga and Barre because of the therapeutic and gentle qualities of these kinds of workouts and they became her obsession. In 2012, she became certified in Mat 1 & 2 Pilates, Reformer 1 & 2 through Balanced Body. Barre has always been one of her favorites, so a friend who has taken the Barre Training at Everbalance and loved it referred her to the studio. After completing her Barre Certification at Everbalance she became a part of the Team and now Everbalance is a big part of her life. Jennifer loves her clients and they absolutely adore her.

“Pilates, Yoga and Barre are for everyone. If every person, would just add 2-3 classes a week to their regular workout schedule whether it be Yoga classes, or a mixture of Mat and Reformer Pilates, they’d feel the amazing benefits within a minimal amount of time in their bodies, the amount of injuries, join pain and replacements as well as back pain would be greatly diminished. In my classes I like to focus on strengthening the core. Building a strong core is the foundation to being stronger and healthier as we age.”



Yoga Lover, Ariel Silks Queen, Reiki Master

Natalie’s yoga journey began during her freshman year at UNF after recovering from a lacrosse injury. Not only did it help her gain the ability to walk without pain but it also strengthened her in ways that sports could not. Four years later, and now she is a 200-hour certified teacher who enjoys helping clients find a deeper understanding of yoga and how it can apply to their daily routines. She also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and works as a copy editor by day, and she is also an appointed Reiki Master. Natalie was referred to Everbalance by a mutual friend fresh out of teacher training. She has so much passion for what Yoga stands for and it was clearly radiating from her. There was no doubt that she would make an excellent addition to the Team and the Studio became her first Yoga Home. Now she has blossomed into a phenomenal teacher and practitioner, her clients absolutely love her classes and she enjoys teaching more that anything else. When not at the studio or office, you can find Natalie practicing aerial silks in her backyard.

“I truly believe that whatever costs you your inner peace is too expansive. That’s why I practice and always try to find my center when I am on my mat. I share that with my clients and I can see how much they appreciate the experience and the effect it has on their lives. That is the biggest reward for me”.



Barre Instructor, Seasoned Dancer

Allie grew up in Minneapolis, MN. She started dancing at the age of 4. For the next 10 years, she practiced ballet, tap, and jazz. Allie always loved fitness and being active so she played tennis throughout her high school years and during her senior she served as a captain.

While studying neuroscience in college, Allie had a new found love for group exercise classes. She loved the inclusiveness and positive energy she was getting in a group class and it really helped her with her academic success. Her passion for health lead her to obtain Masters in Public Health at Emory University: Rollins School of Public Health. Upon graduation, Allie pursued a career in health care administration at Mayo Clinic. This career opportunity brought her to Jacksonville.

When Allie moved to Jacksonville, she immediately started exploring group fitness classes. In 2018, Allie obtained her certification from SoulBody Barre. She is certified in teaching Barre, Unhitched, and Power (30 min HITT class). Allie is passionate about witnessing her class work through the difficulty of the barre class and achieve a sense of accomplishment at the end of the class.

Her favorite quote is: “It that it doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop’ – Confucius. “I think this quote applies to our fitness journey’s. I believe that as long as you’re moving, you are doing something great for your body.”



Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Fitness Guru

Wendy was born in Daytona Beach, FL. Once weighing 201 pounds, Wendy took fitness into her own hands and turned it into a passion: a passion of which she has been practicing in for more than 30 years. Wendy has been featured in Shape Magazine and Muscle and Fitness Magazine, and has been a competitive body builder in the past. During her inspirational journey in the Fitness industry Wendy fall in love with Pilates and became a Polestar Pilates Personal Trainer in 1999 certified in Reformer and Mat. Since then she acquired multiple certifications such as: Mat 1&2 with Powerhouse Pilates, Spinning, Yoga with Fit One, Fit Trek, multiple AFFAA and personal trainer GroupX Leader and Specialty Certifications.

Pilates is her true passion, she specializes in personal one-on-one training and corrective exercises as well as group classes, she loves helping clients to work on any issues they might have as well as giving any information to those who would like to improve their Pilates technique and body alignment.

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase. I believe in hard work and dedication to your own health, body, mind and spirit. I look forward to working with every client who comes to my class, creating individualized experience for them to get the most benefits out of their sessions at Everbalance.”



Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Devoted Practitioner, Spiritual Seeker, Mommy

Melissa was born and raised in Colombia and moved to United States 13 years ago. She attended her first ever yoga class at the gym in South Florida and immediately fall in love with the practice. Melissa attended every class she possible could, she started replying on the yoga practice for her spiritual guidance.

In 2013 she decided to go to India to explore the spiritual path of yoga at it’s origin. She absolutely fall in love with Indian culture and decided to become a yoga teacher studying a type of yoga that had lineage rooted in India. She was up for this incredible adventure and as a result she enrolled to attend a Sivananda’s TTC in Uttarkashi, India, located in the Himalayas where she submerged into a spiritual journey in an ashram devoting the days to asana practice, kriyas, and sadhana. She brought back all the knowledge acquired there with the intention of spreading love and peace to everyone.

Melissa also finished her 300-Hr Teacher Training in Ashtanga, where she learned a lot more, including advanced assisting, Herbalism, Permaculture, advance Sanskrit, among other incredible skills. She also finished level 1 Aerial yoga and level 1 Reiki.

Melissa found Everbalance online and the website immediately sparked her interest. She walked in to inquire about teaching Yoga and they immediately clicked with Tetyana. She became a part of the Team and absolutely loves teaching Yoga Core Fusion, challenging her clients and sharing her passion for this incredible discipline and lifestyle.

Her favorite quote is by Rumi: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”