Take your power back by tending to your garden…

What is the Flower Balance?

It’s a way to heal your pelvic floor dysfunction with holistic methods like movement, breath, meditation, stress regulation and more.

The program is temporarily paused atm. Call with questions.

Hi there, I am delighted that you found this page! Whatever brings you here, know that I either have a solution for it or can point you in the right direction.

If you are you experiencing incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, wanting to properly rebuild your core and floor after the delivery(s), recovering after endometriosis, hysterectomy, looking to heal diastasis recti, experiencing pelvic pain or pain with sex I can help!

Book a free phone call with me by clicking the button below and let’s talk about what hurts or troubles you. I will be happy to offer you all resources that I have. I look forward to connecting with you.

~ Tetyana

Flower Balance 4-month Pelvic Floor Program includes:

  • 3-day in-person retreat that kicks off the 4-month Flower Balance program in Jacksonville, FL (also available virtually).
  • 30 in-person group training sessions (also available virtually).
  • Multiple 30-day Challenges that start right after the retreat to help you boost your Pelvic Floor straight into shape (facilitated on the app with daily content).
  • 3 Yin Yoni Yoga Virtual Classes.
  • A life-time access to the online course with all content like tutorials, exercise sequences, full class recordings, yoga, mediation and much more.
  • 2 in-person Reformer Pilates sessions at Everbalance Studio in Jacksonville.

What does it take to join?

The tuition is $289 per month with 4 months commitment.

The Program is temporarily paused atm. Call with questions.

It takes about 4 months of training to get lasting results. You get ALL THAT‘s listed above for only $289 per month. You will have my on-going personal support at all times during the program. I will be there every step of the way guiding you to your success. Like many of my clients who have already experienced 80% – 100% symptom improvement in just 4 months, you can do it too!

Do you have questions? Book a free phone consult with me and let’s chat about any concerns or questions that arise on your end!

“I started having incontinence in my early 40’s with leaking when I sneezed or coughed. Luckily, I found Tetyana and her program. She convinced me to see a Pelvic PT and worked with me to help me overcome my PF dysfunction. I no longer have issues with intercourse or bowel movements. I no longer have the pelvic area heaviness or pain. It feels like my muscles are stronger and holding everything in place. I feel like I have gained control over my life again. The focus on the core muscles has improved my balance and posture which has made me look and feel so much stronger and confident.”

Anita T.

“I took this course to address my hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction. The best part of the learning experience was the education that it provided. Not only do I have education on why my symptoms flare up but I know what I need to do to control it. I have had relief in pelvic pain, bowel dysfunction, urinary urgency, discomfort with tampon insertion and painful intercourse. I would recommend this course to every female. I think it’s important that women are educated on pelvic floor health and exercises to improve it. I went to 3 different doctors before realizing what my dysfunction was. Tetyana helped me understand what was really going on with me. In this course, I felt as if I was in a safe environment with women who understood the struggles I had to endure. I knew that this class was exactly what I needed to get my life back.”

Nina B.