Become a Barre Instructor!


SoulBody Barre Teacher Training Coming to Everbalance on February 24. Becoming a barre instructor is a fantastic way to focus on your health and earn extra money! Studios offer flexible hours, a fun environment

Become a Barre Instructor!2020-04-05T10:55:09-04:00

Sunday Meditation


Meditation has been around for thousands of years and has proven psychological, physiological and spiritual benefits. It resets your mind so you can move through the negative feelings and thoughts and get onto a more

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DIY Scrub Recipe for Relaxation


Indulge your skin with a simple scrub, mix the following and use it every evening to relax: ·½ cup granulated sugar, either white or brown, preferably organic ·½ cup oil (olive oil and coconut oil

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Avocado Toast: The Trend that is Here to Stay


Avocado toast is all over Instagram and on every restaurant menu. It is a photo-worthy trend that provides amazing benefits. A single avocado contains 322 calories and 29 grams of fat, most are monounsaturated fats,

Avocado Toast: The Trend that is Here to Stay2020-04-05T10:55:09-04:00

A Relaxing Evening of Reiki


Everbalance yoga instructors & Reiki practitioners, Natalie Brown and Melissa Ospina, held an amazing night of deep stretching with hands-on healing at the Sunbeam studio. It was extremely well attended with over 30 yogis in

A Relaxing Evening of Reiki2020-04-05T10:55:09-04:00

How Should I Use Essential Oils?


Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, as well as mental and physical wellness. Today, these same oils are being studied in search of a more specific understanding of their benefits to

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Why do Yoga, Barre and Reformer in combination?


Combination Benefits of Yoga, Barre & Reformer Are you looking for the perfect workout routine? Something that incorporates cardio, strength training and flexibility? Here at Everbalance we specialize in Barre, Yoga and Reformer Pilates classes.

Why do Yoga, Barre and Reformer in combination?2020-04-05T10:55:10-04:00
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