What Is Barre? Barre is the newest and hottest trend in the workout world. It’s the perfect combination of cardio and muscle toning exercises with the support of the ballet barre. At Everbalance, every class includes a fun warm-up with elements of dance and yoga, arms and upper body series using props, deep core and abs series using Pilates Principles and of course big accent on lower body – toning the seat area and legs for beautiful tight and lean look. The results are absolutely mind-blowing form this upbeat and fun workout choreographed each time with a new twist and fun moves to the music. So come in and have a lot of fun with us while toning your body!

Barre Basics

This class is perfect for our first time or beginner clients. It is designed to be at a slower pace, but it is still pretty challenging, working every single muscle group.

Barre Cardio Fusion

Missing some cardio in your workout routine? This is the perfect class for you! Our cardio oriented class with a little more dance elements is choreographed to the music. We spend more time standing up and integrating balancing techniques combined with aerobic exercises. It’s the most upbeat and filled with exciting new techniques class.

Barre Core Fusion

If you are looking to strengthen your core this is the class for you. Our Core Fusion class is focused on engaging your deep core muscles using the Pilates Principles and Barre technique. The floor series is longer and we use a lot of props as well as the gravity. It’s fun, exciting and new, inspired by some top Studios in NYC.

Barre Yoga Fusion

If you’re looking to mix up your class routine or love both yoga and barre, this is the class for you! It just makes sense to combine these two amazing disciplines into one perfect workout. We start with centering and breathing moving into the Power Vinyasa Flow to warm up, followed by a fun and energetic 20 minute workout. We end the class with deep stretching postures to release the muscles to get the most out of your workout.


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