Back to School, Back to You


Labor Day is here. Now that vacations and summer fun are over, focus on yourself this fall. Right now is the perfect time to consider trying Reformer Pilates. Our instructors are ready to help you

Back to School, Back to You2020-04-05T10:55:09-04:00

Don’t Skip the Bubbles


Self-care is not about expensive salon treatments or the latest nail style. Practicing self-care is the ability to dedicate time to  yourself - closing out work, family and other stresses. It can be just a

Don’t Skip the Bubbles2020-04-05T10:55:09-04:00

How Should I Use Essential Oils?


Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, as well as mental and physical wellness. Today, these same oils are being studied in search of a more specific understanding of their benefits to

How Should I Use Essential Oils?2020-04-05T10:55:09-04:00
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